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About Marmar Plast
Marble Plast is the first and the largest producer of wall coverings and roof coverings and various building frames, which has brought a unique unique product to the building industry in the country.
This product has a significant impact on the weight of the structure and, with its low price, it is well-suited for mass builders and building.
Marble Company Plast products for three years in terms of color change and quality, and with the purchase invoice after the installation of the product issue the warranty contract in the name of the customer. This product is solid (porcelain) and can be fitted to custom sizes of the customer (40, 50, 60, 80, 120, vertical and vertical), and also have a very low density (light weight of 7 kg / m 2) and have frames Different from the same design that is installed for large venues with a size of 2400 to 1200. Considering that the designs are inspired by the ornamental rocks of the world, all the wallpapers in the international market have a high priority and have given a unique and unique product with the technology of the day to the country.

The 18th International Tehran Fair
Dear visitors
Thanks to your attendance at the 18th International Exhibition of Industry and Construction in Tehran, Marmar Plast Management is happy for you. We hope to see you at all of the Marmar Plast